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Fibreglass repairs Melbourne. Have you been involved in a smash that requires fibrglass repairs? Does your vehicle have fibreglass panels? You have found the right repairer. Pj’s Panels have extensive knowledge, and qualified staff to ensure your fibreglass repair is done right the first time.

Difference Between Fiberglass and Traditional Repairs

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You might initially think that fiberglass and traditional panels are similar, and while they do attach to the frame of the vehicle in a similar manor, the two materials are incredibly different. The plastic and metal design of the traditional panels allow panel beaters to be a bit more tough with the installation of the new sections. These kinds of panels can take a bit more wear and tear, although they are heavier and reduce your car’s performance.

Because fiberglass is lighter and more fragile, panel beaters have to be careful when installing new panels, if not they are just going to damage the new panel. As there are some major construction differences, when searching for appropriate technician, you need to first look at what kind of cars the repair facility works on. High-end performance cars are desirable, so always check to see if they regularly work on fiberglass. There is no reason to pay for a repair if it is just going to end up inferior anyway.

Factory Specifications

You wouldn’t buy a high-end performance vehicle with a panel bent out of shape, so you shouldn’t be stuck with one after a repair either. As fiberglass is very delicate to install, some panel beaters are not going to make sure the panel is installed completely and fit properly, in fear of damaging the panel. However, having the panel out of place is just going to throw off the wind resistance of the vehicle and actually not only reduce the performance of the car, but also further damage the vehicle.

You definitely don’t want to deal with that, so you need to make sure the panel is properly installed before driving it out of the repair shop. The best way to do this is to show up with a print out of all the measurements of the vehicle. You can easily find this off of the manufacturer’s website for no cost, and it is very helpful to have along with you, in order to compare to the measurements performed by the panel beaters. This way, you know if anything is not properly installed or set up.

Request Repairs

It is necessary for the panel beaters to provide you with the best repair possible. Due to this, you need to request any further repairs should you find it is not up to factory specifications. Never listen to any excuses as to why the panel is not completely the way it should be, because this could just end up costing you more money further down the line, not to mention the reduction in performance by the vehicle. Due to this, you need to stay on top of the repair shop and make sure everything is set just as you want it. It should look like the day you bought the vehicle.

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A family owned business who take pride in their work and exceptional customer service. Extremely reasonable quote and the workmanship is truly amazing. My car looks brand new and the attention to detail was done with great care.

Sarah Holman, Malvern East

Found these guys on Google and so glad I did. As confirmed yesterday when I collected my car, there is good reason for all the 5 star reviews. Paul & Sandra are AMAZING, I can't thank them enough.

Adam B, Boronia

Thank you again, will definitely be recommending you to all my mates who regularly dint their cars haha. I will be back with all touch ups i need!Customer for life!Thank you again, the reason i am so excited is because i had to fix my car in the past and it was a nightmare.... a nightmare..

Angus, Melbourne