Restoring A Classic Car

Restoring a classic car requires time, dedication, patience, but most importantly, knowledge and experience. Classic cars have been around for more than 50 years now, so keeping this in mind it is as equally important to ensure that all parts of the frame and body of your pride and joy, receive the same amount of care during the restoration process.

Todays motor car is designed using highly advanced and absolutely precise computer software, allowing the end product to be seamless, perfectly weighted with streamlined aerodynamics; a far cry from the old ways of manufacture, because of this it is imperative to dismantle the entire car and restore everything, even what can't be seen behind trims, under carpet and around glass and rubber edges, the areas of the car that hold moisture and can be subject to rust or weakening, also ita's essential to tag the parts of the car which needs to be restored so as to simulate a more systematic approach.

Classic car restoration is the process by which an old car is returned to its former glory and splendor, back to the time when it first rolled off the factory floor.

Restoring your own classic car is quite laborious and it can take several months if not years. You have to scour car part dealers and other car shops for the perfect restoration solution, if you are doing the job, you will need special tools during the restoration process. Restoring your classic car can definitely be painstaking and expensive.

At PJ's Panels we understand the cost involved in restoring a classic car and have all the necessary tools, equipment and knowledge to professionally repair and restore every original body part back to looking new, we will only use replacement panels where absolutely necessary thus reducing the restoration cost dramatically.

A fully restored classic car not only draws second looks from onlookers but can also fetch a very good price when you are ready to part with your classic car restoration. This is why you should restore the original paint color of your car to add more value and prestige to the finished product.

PJ's Panels is equipped with the latest computer paint matching technology which enables us to exactly replicate your car's originality, using world class paint and tinting system we take every care to ensure your classic car is absolutely flawless on presentation.

Make PJ's Panels your next restoration call. We are open six days and Saturday is quote day for your convenience. Once we've successfully restored your classic car, the satisfaction and joy can be indescribable.

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A family owned business who take pride in their work and exceptional customer service. Extremely reasonable quote and the workmanship is truly amazing. My car looks brand new and the attention to detail was done with great care.

Sarah Holman, Malvern East

Found these guys on Google and so glad I did. As confirmed yesterday when I collected my car, there is good reason for all the 5 star reviews. Paul & Sandra are AMAZING, I can't thank them enough.

Adam B, Boronia

Thank you again, will definitely be recommending you to all my mates who regularly dint their cars haha. I will be back with all touch ups i need!Customer for life!Thank you again, the reason i am so excited is because i had to fix my car in the past and it was a nightmare.... a nightmare..

Angus, Melbourne